Kids Art Tutorials | How to Draw a Penguin

Hi …I’m Ali Hargreaves and I’m the tutor for Ready Steady Paint

I’d like to show you how to draw a penguin.

Draw the main shapes of the penguin

First of all draw the main shapes of the penguin like mine with a pencil. Notice how I have used overlapping egg shapes for the head and the body, rectangles for the feet, triangles for the wing, tail and beak. Notice the angle of the beak!

Draw the details of the penguin

Then use a water-soluble fine tip pen if you have one. If you are a member of Ready Steady Paint already you will receive one of these in month 4 (if not, use any pen you have) to draw the details of the penguin. Look carefully at the shape of the beak and the details in the feathers. Look carefully at the feet etc. The eye is quite tricky to see so look at mine if you are not sure where to position it.

Fill in the black areas

Now use the pen to fill in the black areas and add feathers in the grey areas. Leave the rest white.

Use water to move your black pen

Use a brush to paint with water only and watch the magic as it fills in the black and grey. (If you are a member of Ready Steady Paint I suggest use you use your silver no 6 worker watercolour brush from month 1). If you have used a permanent pen, you could use something else such as inks, paint, crayon or felt pen to add colour.

Add yellow to your penguin

I then added bright yellow watercolour paint [month 1] to yellow areas of the penguin.Those who are already in “Ready Steady Paint” will be used to this “wet in wet” technique! (Again…if you don’t have paint use felt pens or colour crayons.)

Add some colour to the background

I added blue water-soluble pen above the ground and used water to move the colour. (Again, those who are already in “Ready Steady Paint” will be used to this “wet in wet” technique!! If you don’t have a blue water soluble pen, use any blue that you have to fill in the blue area.

Spatter to finish off!

Lastly, I added a bit of blue splatter using blue watercolour. If you’re not keen on splatters, leave then out.

Hope you’ve had fun.
Remember to let us know how you get on and send us photos of your work …we’d love to see them!

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