Art For Kids | How to Create a Bauble Christmas Card

Hi …I’m Ali Hargreaves and I’m the tutor for Ready Steady Paint

Fancy making a Christmas card?

Prepare a sheet of paper with exciting colours and patterns

You will need a plain piece of card and any materials you have available eg paints, glitter pens, Christmassy collage bits like sequins & stars etc and glue, (If you are already a member of Ready Steady Paint you will have loads to choose from……how about Brusho and your metallic pens etc)

Think about your colour scheme

Fold the card in half and then start painting, drawing, collaging etc. You might want to think about a colour scheme. I have stuck to blues and turquoise to give a Wintery look.

Start adding watercolour

You can do what ever you like here. I started by wetting the surface of the card and then adding watercolour paint.

Include some Brusho

Then I added turquoise Brusho. If you don’t have Brusho…use more paint or inks.

Splatter with Ink

I splattered it with white ink. You should use any wet ink or paint for this. If you have silver or gold..use that! Just load your brush and knock it gently against something like another paint brush handle until you get splatters. Watch out…this technique can be a bit messy!

Create patterns in your work

Whilst it was still wet, I used blue and purple watercolour crayons to add spiral patterns. (You could use ordinary pencil crayons for this too)

Add acrylic paint

Once it was dry, I added acrylic paint curvy lines across it. (If you don’t have acrylic paint, you could use felt pens maybe?)

Add some glitter for festive sparkle

While the acrylic paint was wet I added glitter (but you could use glue instead).

Add sequins or other items

I added sequins with glue and more pen work. What could you add?

Cut some circles out of another sheet of paper

Now get another piece of card or paper. (You could use coloured paper or even paint it yourself!) Draw three circles onto the paper – I drew round some lids – and cut the circles out.

Attach this to your card

Glue them on top of that card and add some strings.

Hope you’ve had fun? Have another go with different colours and art materials. You can make every card special for different people in your life. Use their favourite colour.

Remember to let us know how you get on and send us photos of your cards… we’d love to see them!

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