Kids Art Tutorials | How to Create an Easter Card

Hi Im Ali Hargreaves and Im the tutor for Ready Steady Paint 

Lets make an Easter card with a cartoon Easter Rabbit 

Fold your card

Get a piece of card or thick paper and fold in half ~ You can do this perfectly by making sure the corners match and holding it down while you use the other hand to make the crease

Let’s start drawing…

Now draw an egg cup with a pencil. If you draw a vertical line first, you will find it easier to make the cup symmetrical by making sure it is the same on either sidelike a mirror.

Add the outline

Once you are happy with the shape go over it with a pen. I am using a Posca pen (you may have one if you are in RSP) but you can use any pens eg felt pens etc. Rub out the pencil lines.

Add a pattern

Now draw a pattern on your egg cup. You could use spots, stripes, flowers, stars, heartsanything you like. Use your imagination!

Draw in the egg

Add the egg using a pencil and using a vertical line down the middle again to help draw it symmetrically. Go over it with pen and rub out the pencil.

Now it’s time for some cartoon fun…

Look at my sheet of sets of cartoon rabbit eyes, noses, mouths and ears. Practise these and make your own sheet. Make up some of your own too.


Bring your cartoon to life…

Add your favourite cartoon features to the egg. Colour it in using bright colours. You can use anything to do this felt pens, crayon, watercolour, gouache etc.
You can always add more and make a little Easter rabbit family!


Have fun and bring a smile to someones face at Easter by giving them your fabulous card.
Let us know how you get on and send us photos of your cardswed love to see them!

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