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Hi …I’m Ali Hargreaves and I’m the tutor for Ready Steady Paint

Do you fancy creating a Christmas Angel?

Prepare the wings

First of all you need to prepare the wings. Get a piece of white printer paper and fold it in half. Then fold it in half again. Then fold it once again making sure the folds all come from the folded corner.

Cut shapes out of your wings

Now cut shapes out. You might have made snow flakes this way before. (If not…it’s a great way to make snowflakes to decorate your home!…just add some glitter and they will look stunning).

Spray your wings silver or gold, or leave them as they are!

Open it up carefully and you should have a lovely intricate pattern in front of you. I sprayed mine with silver. (Make sure you protect the surface you are working on. I used a bin bag) You could use gold instead. If you don’t have spray…perhaps use paint? If not just leave them white. Angels have white wings anyway!

Prepare your background

Now we need to prepare the background which is going to be the sky. You can use paint, crayon or pen, Whatever you have! I used blue watercolour [This comes in Ready Steady Paint box Month 1] and I added a sprinkle of table salt whilst it was damp to look like snow in the sky. It takes about a minute to work and you only need a few grains of salt. The paint must be damp (not wet or dry) for it to work.

Draw the body and head

Let that dry and draw the head and body of an Angel on another piece of white paper. You could copy mine…or better still make your own up. I have given my Angel praying hands, but yours might be waving or holding something. Use your imagination. I haven’t added the hair this stage…but do so if you wish. Give her a nice smile!

Add interesting patterns

Then you could add patterns if you like? I used felt pen for my patterns.

Colour in your angel and cut out

Once you’ve done that you can colour it in. You could use felt pens, crayons or paint. I used my water soluble pens [Month 4]. Once complete just cut round your angel.

Stick the angel to your background

Once the background is dry you can stick the angel on with a glue stick. Cut out the wings from the patterned paper and stick those down first. Add the angel and then add hair if you haven’t already done so. You could use felt pen or paint or maybe add collage eg some wool or cotton thread. Again… use your imagination.

Add some final details

Lastly, if you have glitter you could add this with a glue stick.

Hope you’ve had fun?

Remember to let us know how you get on and send us photos of your Angels …we’d love to see them!

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