Kids Art Tutorials | How to Create a Mother’s Day Card

Hi Im Ali Hargreaves and Im the tutor for Ready Steady Paint 

Id like to share my idea for a Mothers day card with you.
If you are a member of RSP already you will be able to use the materials from box 1 and others. 

Fold your card

Get a piece of card or thick paper and fold in half ~ You can do this perfectly by making sure the corners match and holding it down while you use the other hand to make the crease. Make sure the fold is at the top of the card.

Use your reference photo

Now look at the photo of Cherry Blossom with me  

How many open flowers can you see? What shape are the flowers? How many petals in each flower? How straight is the branch? How are the flowers attached to the branch? What colours are the branch and flowers? 

It’s time to start drawing!

Use a pencil to draw out the branch and the little stalks where the flowers are attached. Then draw over this with pen and either fill in with pen or paint it like I have. Any paint will do. I have used watercolour. If painting the branch use the finest brush that you have. Notice how the thinner twigs become red. I used crimson red for these.

Prepare your background

Now add a background colour. I have used Cobalt blue watercolour, but you could use any paint (or crayons or whatever you have available) If you have a wash brush use this to apply the colour. Dont worry if the colour of the branches mixes a bit with the just adds to the charm!

Create the Petals

Next you need a piece of plain white paper like printer paper. Draw one petal shape (Look carefully at the flower and then add a bit of a tab at the base. See my example. Cut out at least 18 of these (Thats enough for three flowers) I found that if you make a few layers of paper you can cut several petals at a time  

Colour them oink at the base becoming lighter at the tip of the petal. 

You could use any of the following: 

Watercolour paints
Watercolour crayons
Pencil crayons
Oil pastels 
Felt tip pens 

 I used watercolour for mine. 

Add the petals to your card

Let them dry completely before sticking the base of each petal (overlapping them in the middle) onto the end of the twigs. Spot the mistake! I just used five petals instead of six as they fitted better! I have also made some buds (Smaller and more rounded) and added these.

Add some final details

Add the stamens using a fine tip pen.  


Have fun and make your Mums day with a beautiful homemade card 

Let us know how you get on and send us photos of your cardswed love to see them!

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