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Hi, I’m Ali Hargreaves and I’m the tutor for Ready, Steady, Paint! I’ve come up with some exciting children’s art activities which I’d like to share with you.  The following art activity is free and shows you how to create a beautiful forest with just a credit card! Over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing lots more free fun activities for you to complete with me, so make sure you keep checking our website and social media for more!

Step-by-step Guide

1) First of all make sure you have permission to cut up an old credit card! Then cut a piece about 2 cm wide.
2) Use brown and green ink (or watercolour) for this. Paint the end of the credit card with the brown and print onto the paper making a thin brown line . You can make this wider by
scraping slightly across the paper sideways.
3) Wipe the credit card clean and then use the green to print the foliage at an angle to the top of the trunk..
4) You can scrape it to make a more solid line.
5) Add water and the green will become lighter.
6) Add a cliff across the bottom of the trees firstly sideways.
7) Then vertically to give the idea of cliffs.

Hope you’ve had fun. What else could you use the credit card for? Remember to let us know how you get on and send us photos of your cards…we’d love to see them!


To download the Credit Card Art worksheet (with step-by-step pictures), please click the below picture. We have lots of other activities available for your to download for free! You can also view all activities here.




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