Art Activities for Children | Draw a Pink Flamingo!

Art Activities for Children | Draw a Pink Flamingo!

Hi, I’m Ali Hargreaves and I’m the tutor for Ready, Steady, Paint! I’d like to share some wonderful art activities for children. For this free art activity, i’m going to show you how to draw and paint a wonderful, fluffy pink Flamingo! Over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing lots more fun activities for you to complete with me, so make sure you keep checking our website and social media for more!

Step-by-step Guide

    1. Very lightly using a pencil, draw out the basic shapes of the flamingo. A small oval for the head and a large oval for the body, an “S” for the neck joining the two together, a triangle for the tail, and long lines at the correct angle for the legs with a very small oval for the knees and very small triangles for the feet. This helps us get the “framework”of the Flamingo down on paper. Notice things like the legs are as long as the body and the beak is as long as the head.
    2. Now press harder with your pencil to fill in the details. Notice the thin shape between the neck and the body (This is called the
      negative shape)
      – Make the neck thicker
      – Add the beak….notice the shape of it. It bends!
      – Add the tiny beady eye and add a circle round it
      – Draw lines either side of the legs to make them a bit thicker, taking care to make the rounder knees
      – If you want, add broken circles round the feet as if the water is moving around the flamingo. You don’t have to do this!
      – Finally, rub out the lighter pencil lines
    3. Use felt pens (and a pink highlighter pen if you have one) to colour in the flamingo. Use your imagination if you don’t have pink, Flamingos are pink but it doesn’t matter!
    4. I made thin horizontal lines with blue felt tips for the water and then vertical lines with green felt tips for the grass behind. You may want to fill it all in…it’s up to you!
    5. If you have a water spray (ask permission from your parents first to make sure it is a water spray) …or even try hair spray (again with your parents permission) and spray the picture to see what effects you can get Some felt pens do exciting things when wet! You won’t know until you try it. Have fun and post us some your pictures…we would love to see them!


To download the Flamingo worksheet (with step-by-step pictures), please click the below picture. We have lots of other activities available for your to download for free! You can also view all activities here.

Art Activities | Draw a Pink Flamingo

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