Everything you need to know about us and your monthly art box

Ready, Steady Paint has been built on a collective desire to give children the chance to be creative.

Ready, Steady, Paint! has been built on a collective desire to give children the chance to be creative, through exciting art tuition and high-quality art materials.


Our aim

We believe that all children are creative and deserve the opportunity to discover this themselves. With an increasing emphasis on core subjects in education and creative subjects being seen as a distraction with little value, art is being taught less in primary school.

So many things later in life require creativity and original thinking as essential skills and imagination and innovation are becoming increasingly rooted in the fabric of today’s society. At Ready, Steady, Paint! we’ve designed our monthly art kits to facilitate the journey of creative discovery for as many children as possible.

The aim of Ready, Steady, Paint! monthly art subscription kits

Don’t just take our word for it!

Hear first-hand from parents how Ready, Steady, Paint! art subscription boxes have enriched their children’s lives.

Amazing Results!

Top quality art materials, easy to follow tutorials, great artwork produced and lots of wonderful memories made together.

Rachel, parent to Eden

Eden testimonial

Just Amazing

Fantastic art supplies, fantastic service. We are all very happy with the art kits. Our daughter is loving it!

Annie, parent to Tabitha

Tabitha testimonial

What to expect from our tuition

Alongside Ali Hargreaves, the team at Ready, Steady, Paint! have carefully planned a 24-month artistic journey, designed to give children access to the highest quality art materials and an exciting, varied monthly art box syllabus.

  • Month 1
    Close Observation Work
  • Month 2
    Exploring Colour
  • Month 3
    Tonal Values
  • Month 4
    Introducing Drawing
  • Month 5
    Introducing Acrylics
  • Month 6
    Size & Proportion
  • Month 7
    Introducing Watercolour
  • Month 8
    Exploring Pattern
  • Month 9
    Exploring Shape
  • Month 10
    Exploring Textures
  • Month 11
    Exploring Movement
  • Month 12
    Basic Rules of Perspective
  • Month 13
    Self Portraits
  • Month 14
    Scraper Board
  • Month 15
    Oil Pastels
  • Month 16
    Cerne Relief
  • Month 17
    Watercolour Techniques
  • Month 18
    Pastel Landscapes
  • Month 19
    Using Palette Knives
  • Month 20
    Composition & Still Life
  • Month 21
    Stamps and Stencils
  • Month 22
    Introducing Printing
  • Month 23
    Introducing Gouache and more perspective
  • Month 24
    Introducing Fabric Paints
RSP achievement certificates

Earn badges and certificates for achievements

Get rewards for engaging with us! Throughout your child’s monthly art subscription, there’ll be lots of opportunities to gain points for completing creative activities. As your child progresses through the months and builds up points, they’ll earn badges and certificates, which will be mailed to you as and when they are achieved.

Meet our in-house artist, Ali Hargreaves

I have always had an active imagination and have loved art since I was a child. I was invariably drawing as a youngster. I have a vivid memory of staying with my gran while I was off school with chicken pox when I was about seven, and she let me use her oil paints to paint my teddy bear! I felt like a “proper artist” because I was using “proper paints”. I have always felt that it is very important to give our children high-quality art materials, so they can achieve even greater pieces of artwork. I have always been very passionate about teaching, particularly Art, as I love it so much.


I am greatly worried that younger generations lack the opportunity to experience art at primary school. The focus tends to be on academic subjects with little, or no time, left for the creative arts. I believe this is a huge mistake. We need to encourage our young people to be creative and innovative. There are many jobs where this is a vital skill. I am so excited about being given the opportunity to encourage and teach art to children through Ready, Steady, Paint! It’s everything I believe in.

Ali Hargreaves with young artists

Hi, I’m Pablo. I’ll be around during your child’s art tuition, offering handy tips and hints. My family and I are excited to meet you!

With a little help from the Chameleo family along the way!

Throughout your child’s Ready, Steady, Paint! art box subscription, they’ll meet members of the Chameleo family, who will pop up from time to time. Here to help your child, the family (especially Pablo) will appear in the video tuition to give handy hints and tips, ensuring they get the best out of their Ready, Steady, Paint! experience.

Chameleo Leonardo


The most senior member of the family, Leonardo is the father and absolutely loves Brusho!

Chameleo Frida


The mother of the Chameleo family, Frida juggles her time between drawing with watercolour pencils and keeping Mona and Lisa out of trouble!


Mona is the youngest member of the family, but is already a talented young artist. She loves exploring different medias.

Chameleo Mona


Lisa is sister to Pablo and Mona, and although shy and quiet, she’s a huge art enthusiast! She especially loves acrylics.

Chameleo Lisa

Our values

When you sign up for a Ready, Steady, Paint! monthly art subscription, you’re not just buying art supplies in a box, you’re getting carefully curated art tuition, coupled with high-quality art materials, all designed to bring out the fun, excitement and inspiration in art.

A young artist at work


In a time where creative subjects are given less attention in schools, we want to fill this void and help children explore the world of art and discover new skills and passions while nurturing their talent.

Young artist


Through careful curation of course content and high-quality art supplies for kids, our art subscription boxes are designed to inspire children, fostering the next generation of young artists.

Young artist


Above all else, we want children to enjoy their Ready, Steady, Paint! monthly art box experience, learn to appreciate art and develop a lifelong passion for creativity and self-expression!